ASTRA ROBOTICS – Student Robotics Chapter of RVCE

Astra Robotics, an inter-disciplinary student association in RVCE, has been a platform for providing insight into the world of Robotics and encouraging students to pursue their interests in it. They work towards developing next generation robots and incorporating the principles of Opportunistic and Experiential learning. The team regularly participates in various international and national level competitions and events, and have successfully proven their metal in all their endeavors so far.
Some of the achievements of Astra Robotics include:

1st Position in the ‘India Innovative Initiative’ by the CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and awarded the title of ‘Best Emerging Entrepreneur’ for the project ‘INDRABUJA’
2nd Position at Anveshan design Challenge for prosthetic hand
3rd Position at the IIT-Madras, semi-autonomous bot Challenge
10th Position at the International Robotics Challenge, IIT-Bombay
Semi-Finalist at the Freescale Cup 2014
Semi-Finalist at the E-Yantra Robotics challenge
Astra Robotics now gears up for its next big destination, the University Rover Challenge (URC) 2017 held in southern Utah, USA. The URC is the world’s premier robotics competition for college students to design and build next generation Mars rovers that will one day work along with human explorers in the field.